Edward Cullen( aka Edward Anthony Masen) born on June 20th 1901. His human age is 17 and in the Twilight Novel is 104 and in the Twilight film 108. His biological parents are Edward Masen and Elizabeth Masen. His adoptive family are Carlisle Cullen(adoptive father), Esme Cullen(adoptive mother), Alice Cullen  and Rosalie Hale( adoptive sisters) and Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale (adoptive brothers). He married Bella Swan and together they had a daughter named Renesmee. In 1918 at the age of seventeen, he lost his family to the Spanish Influenza. While recieving treatment from Dr. Carlisle Cullen ,his mother made a final wish stating that the young doctor had to try everything in his will to prevent the death of her son from the influenza. Edward's mother died shortly after making her wish and Carlisle complied her request by turning Edward into a vampire. At the moment Edward and his family live in Forks, Washington where he attends Forks High School.  Despite more than one hundred years of strict abstinence from human blood, upon meeting Bella he is  barely able to resist  to feed on her. Edward overcomes his thrist for Bella's blood and it soon becomes adoration, with him and Bella falling in love. When Bella is part of a near- fatal acciendent involving Tyler Crowley's car, Edward intercedes and Bella discovers his superhuman strenght. After he rescues her again, this time in Port Angeles from a gang of would be attackers, she discovers that superhuman speed is not his only ability. This incident causes the two of them to become inseperable and their love grows. Edward finds himself unable to stay away from Bella though he doesn't like putting her in danger, he soon tells Bella about his families abililities and their histories. For example Edward can read everyone's mind apart from Bella's. After Bella comes to grips with the truth about the Cullen's she continually begs Edward to turn her into one as well. She doesn't like the fact that she's going to get older when he is left as a seventeen year old, in which she sees her humanity as a curse and not as a gift when she is surronded by beautiful and super- powerful beings. His sister Alice can see into the future only once a true path has been decided, Jasper can control people's emotions. Emmett has extreme super strenght( even stronger for a vampire, so strong that when Bella is a vampire she challenges him to a arm wrestle and wins!) and Rosalie who is extemely beautiful. Though must of them trust their insticts and advoid her because of her sweet smelling blood they adjust and support Edward's feelings for her. Edward is discribed as being impossibly beautiful. His face is angular and his perfect hight- cheeckbones, strong jawline, straight nose, and beautiful lips. His hair which is always in a casual disarray, is an unusual bronze shade which he inherited from his biological mother Elizabeth. When he was a human his eyes were emerald- green, as a vampire his eyes are golden. He is said to have a crooked dazzling smile. He stands at 6'2" feet and has a slender yet muscluar body and is physically seventeen years old.


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